Sr. No. Name Of Product #CAS Pharmacopoeia Uses / Actions
1 Belladonna Leaf Dry Extract, Standardised 8007-93-0 BP/EP Antispasmodic,
2 Belladonna Extract 8007-93-0 USP/JP Antispasmodic,
3 Belladonna Dry Extract 8007-93-0 IP Antispasmodic,
4 Belladonna Tincture 8007-93-0 BP/USP/IP Antispasmodic, Anticholinergic, Antispasmodic, Anticholinergic
5 Standardised Belladonna Leaf Tincture 8007-93-0 EP Antispasmodic, Anticholinergic, Antispasmodic, Anticholinergic
6 Belladonna Green Extract 8007-93-0 BPC Antispasmodic, Anticholinergic
7 Thick Belladonna Extract
(Belladonna Green Extract)
8007-93-0 USSRP Antispasmodic, Anticholinergic
8 Capsicum Oleoresin, Refined And Standardised 8023-77-6 EP/BP Topical counterirritant, used in spray for self defence
9 Capsicum Oleoresin 8023-77-6 BPC Topical counterirritant, used in spray for self defence
10 Capsicum Oleoresin 8023-77-6 USP Topical counterirritant, used in spray for self defence
11 Ergot 12126-57-7 BPC Vasoconstrictor, Oxytocic
12 Prepared Ergot 12126-57-7 IP Vasoconstrictor, Oxytocic
13 Ipecac Oral Solution 8012-96-2 USP Expectorant, Emetic
14 Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract (Standardised Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract) 483-18-1 BP/EP Expectorant, Emetic
15 Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract Concentrate 8% 8012-96-2 IH Expectorant, Emetic
16 Standardised Ipecacuanha Tincture 8012-96-2 BP/EP Expectorant, Emetic
17 Ivy Leaf Dry Extract 84082-54-2 IH Demulcent, Anti-inflammatory
18 Liquorice Liquid Extract 97676-23-8 BP Demulcent, Anti-inflammatory
19 Podophyllum Resin 9000-55-9 BP Antiviral, For treatment of warts
20 Podophyllum Resin 9000-55-9 USP Antiviral. For treatment of warts
21 Ispaghula Husk / Psyllium Husk 8063-16-9 BP/EP/USP Bulk forming laxative, Antihypercholesterolemic
22 Standardised Senna Leaf Dry Extract 81-27-6 BP/EP Laxative
23 Thyme Extract 84929-51-1 IH Bronchial antispasmodic, Expectorant

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